January 22nd, 2011


One week left!

Good evening, lovelies!
How are you? I'm very good! I feel inspired to live and I can't wait to see what life has to offer! For some reason everything feels interesting to me and I don't anything to ruin this feeling. It seems quite strange to me but I have only one week left and then I'll spend my February in Plymouth, UK. I'll be posting from there, too, 'cause dad promised to give me his wife's camera and his computer. Ieva and I have decided what we will do there. Including that we will learn how to dance a crazy, stupid rock'n'roll (also known as kangaroo-rock) dance that we both used to know. We'll go to British pubs and we'll run on the beach. Maybe the host guy will take us to the seaside to surf! This month is full of possibilities.
As I mentioned in the previous entry, we had this carnival called ''Cosmic Organs'' at school. It was really great! We had the big hall with foil coated food (including boiled eggs with spices, crazy coloured drinks and candy), a special room called ''Cosmic Organic Video Space'' or something like that and a chillout room with Singstar karaoke. We did have a fabulous time. Danced my feet off and sang my voice out. If that wouldn't be enough! Later that night my course mates and I went to the club ''Route 66'' and then ''Piens''. I thank them for the awesome time spent together.

By now this is the only pixie I have. But I'll get loads of them as Christine took, like, millions of them. The outfit is not done yet, the same with make up. I was blood-vessels in space. HA!
Damny, I need to make myself a new set of mood icons.