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Five words/things meme

Reply to this post letting me know you want in and I will give you 5 words that make me think of you, then you need to say what these five words mean to you.
So, this is what hybrid_breeder  gave to me:

1. Black cats
Basically, black cats are love, if I need to say it in short. Of course, the perfect black cat was my dear, dear William Wilson. I really can't imagine myself having a better pet than he was. I don't know, Martha. Especially, if the cat is male, it's perfect. That kind of cats, in my opinion, are aristocratic and fancy, if you pardon the expression. I'll get myself a new cat, when I'll move out.
2. Horror movies
Yeeees, horror movies are love as well. But there is one thing - you have to have the perfect company. Which, in my case, is Kara. I hate it when horror movies are all about the scare-factor. I mean, the movie must have a very nice plot. So, I should name my favorite horror movies, right? Hmm, first that comes to mind is The House Of Wax (I really don't know why, it's not even my favorite but I quite enjoyed it). Exorcist is a nice start, for example. Actually, I like thrillers and psychic type of films more.
3. The lovely smell of eļļas krāsas & terpentīns
And the smell won't go away! Nowadays, this smell is a part of my life, since I'm attending an art school. Relatives do complain about it but whatever. But lovely it is!
4. Vegetarian food
I wish I could eat a pure vegetarian food right now. Like soy sausages or something like that.  But all in all, it is a big part of my life now, too, 'cause I eat meat or fish only when I'm either VERY hungry or I really can't resist the nice smell/look/consistence of some kind of meat dishes (but that happens very rare lately). I don't eat eggs, meat and fish to not fuck up my health (which unfortunately is already bad but it IS getting better by now).
5. Raiding second hand stores
My, my, haven't done that in a while. Brings back memories. But I still love doing that, of course! You can find some awesome treasures in second hand stores, as you know. I've already found some! Kara, when we meet up, we should raid some second hand shops (and antique shops too) again! I need new things (new to me, second hand to the world)!
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