Anete (misushi) wrote,

How are you, dear?

Hey there, sparkles!
Since I still have 30 minutes left until painting leaves, I decided to write something here. Everything is quite different now. Let's start with the fact that my mother doesn't drink anymore. I really hope she won't start to drink again. Secondly, she has some half-pay jobs, so I'm not the only one earning some money here, thankfully. Also, our flat now feels like home again. it's probably because of mother trying to change, 'cause now everything's clean, and I have inspiration to actually do something. Unfortunately, we still have the gigantically big 2000 Ls bill to pay but I really hope everything will turn out well.
I've ordered some new things, for example, vertically striped black&white bloomers. I can't wait to get my new bloomies here! I plan to buy a new swimsuit as well. It will be black, floral.
Okay, I don't have much time, so I'll just leave you this summer themed pixie.
Tags: home, news, picture

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