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The other side of the cloud is dark and twisted

After some good days comes a bunch of bad days. Here we go again. The kitchen is full with smelly punks again, mother is drinking again, that place looks like a mess and here I am absolutely unhappy about every single fact that leads this flat back into ''good'' old days. At least one good thing - Mazjuris is in the hospital because of some kind of illness which is still a mystery to me.
Good thing my mother doesn't have enough brain to understand that nobody wants a drunkard nanny. Those fuckers who sit in the kitchen laughing, drinking and playing with some filthy dogs, get the fuck out of my house. Thankfully, I have the guts to go there and say that out loud.
I don't know, Martha.
Oh, and how stylish is that? One of those idiots is a Finnish girl. She seems to look alternative enough to be a beloved friend of Zaldāts, who is the biggest motherfucker I know at this moment. He usually comes here to eat or sleep. And drink, of course.
I wish I had a rich relative who could leave/buy me a wonderful flat.
And I thought this summer would be a bit different. Silly me.

EDIT: They just turned the music on. Loud music makes it worse.

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