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Don't complain about the heat.

Hey, fishies! How's your summer? I'd really like to know.
As to me, it's pretty wonderful, to be honest. Every day brings something new and interesting. For example, the Positivus festival was fun. I saw bands like Scissor Sisters, Muse, Ten Bears, Leisure Society, The Climbers, Unkle, The Gin Riots, Goran Gora, ASIWYFA and many more. We slept in those cozy hammocks, danced like there was no tomorrow, ate magic nuts, drank cheap cider, swam like crazies and so on.
Today we went to school to see our exam marks. I have B in Latvian and C in Math. I think it's okay! Actually, I'm very happy about them!
If you wish to know something about my dear Percy pigeon, I can tell you. Now he has a GIRLFRIEND! I gave her a name - Zigrīda. Now they always come together and they always look lovely, just like a pair of lovebirds. Percy isn't a gentleman though.. he always eats all of the sunflower seeds I give them.

Anyway, this is going to be my DIY day. Must customize my black&white polka dotted retro swimsuit, my blueberry bike and also my flip-flops. I hope everything will turn out nice.
I bought these cute, perfumed pens today.
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