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I want my old Panic! at the disco's and The Automatic's

Hey there, ruffles!
This is the last fun I'm getting before sorting my mp3. I've decided to put a very strict order into my music folder (also known as ''Aaaaaa manas ausis!''). I want to download some new (and old) indie music, make a new playlist for classical and composed music and so on. You know how pedantic I am, so this is going to take a while.
I also wanted to inform you that I feel very inspired to pay a bigger attention to fashion related stuff. I also have to buy myself a new wardrobe, 'cause it's almost impossible to put all of my damned clothes into that little shelfy which I have to share with my sister. But why am I so inspired? Well, to be honest, Gossip Girl takes a big role in it. I had never seen so many well-put-together clothes and accessories! So, tomorrow morning I'm going to get some goodies at Domina (big sale there).
What else.. Oh, I got my shoesies. They look like this --> (I can't insert a link.. :/) And the truth is, they look even more lovely than in the picture. And they fit perfectly!
Our Hairdo challenge is still on and, guess what, it's day 63 today! But now I must start my mp3 sorting! And, please, if you feel like writing, tell me how are you doing!
Tags: fashion, hairdo challenge, mp3, shoes, sorting

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