Anete (misushi) wrote,

Hello again, squirrels.
I spent this afternoon reading ancient Emilie Autumn livejournal entries. I love her sarcastic kind of writing. Never bores me. And it's also very interesting to see those old pixies she has posted here. Lots of platform boots, fishnet tights and corsets. Gosh, I want her and her Crumpets here. Now. Dream on, baby, dream on.
Anyways, we're going to Skulte by bicycles this Saturday. I'll be back after four days. I just hope the weather won't be this autumny. Speaking of autumn, I can't wait. I kind of miss school and the whole Rozentāļu atmosphere.
Here's the stuff I bought this morning if you're interested:

^ Off-white tights.

^ Floral tights. The porcelain effect. ;D

^ A striped swimsuit. :3

^ A notebook that I'll be using to write down some nice recipes.

^ Tights-Matching hairpins.

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