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I want this and that.

Hey, marbles!
I am listening to CSS right now and I feel like telling you something. Too bad I don't know what exactly. Oh, well, I had an opportunity to go on a trip to several places in Europe but I said no. Why? Firstly, I don't want to spend a week with grannies and grandpas. I must paint, sketch and visit some events, for example, Riga's birthday.
This entry is boring. So I'll make it more interesting by telling you what exactly I want right now. Five things. Still sounds boring? I'll do it with pixies!

1. I want my cat Joseph to be all white. Oh, why does my mum hate white cats? ._.

2. Chuck Bass. Well, that's obvious to anyone who's a Gossip Girl addict.

3. I want to find my Jane Eyre book. I lost it but I want to read it right now so badly.

4. I want my father to give me his old, cute laptop as a birthday gift.

5. I want to live in a factory house flat. Somewhere around VEF.
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