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Nature the other day.

My father took me to Līvāni last week. I decided to stay at the empty house ''Tomiņi'' to do nothing but paint. It was a little bit creepy to be honest. My phone was almost unreachable like always, so if I needed to contact someone, I had to find a specific place. That I did, of course, so Aija, my dad's wife, came to me when it was needed. My dad stayed there for the first night. It was very nice: we ate goddamn delicious pizzas, talked a lot, dad showed me the advantages of Linux, we read some nice books and so on. When he went away, I felt quite lonely, 'cause the place seemed so abandoned. Too bad the weather was so rainy I couldn't paint the beautiful sceneries of Līvāni.
Now I have three paintings: a byre, the entrance of the main house and a windy view of fields. I also made a drawing of the beautiful barn.
I wanted to spend the second night there, too, but then I changed my thoughts 'cause I had to leave early the next morning. Anyways, I have some pixies.

^A view of the courtyard. Lots of nettles and tare.

^ The main entrance and my easel within it.

^ The wonderful byre.

^ My feet and palette.

^ The barn.

^ By the way, it was so cold back then. My hands were numb and feet all wet.

^ A wall in the house with a bundle of peppermints.

^ The blue room. They have some really nice wallpapers there.

^ This is where my father and I slept. I had an awesome, cozy (but dirty) hospital bed.

^ And here's furniture! What a beautiful wardrobe, right?

Thank you for looking, cuddles.
Tags: līvāni, nature, pixies, tomiņi

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