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Kittens, cakes and cuddles.

Hey, ruffles.
I seem to have problems with finding a white cat! It has to be male and near Riga. Why is everyone already taken? I can't wait to have my little Joseph here. I even bought some cat food! I'm lame, aren't I?
Anyways, Poppy and I have finished our hairdo challenge. Three remaining pixies will be posted on soon. ( )
School has started and I'm enjoying the time as much as I can. I've decided that my second ZPD will be about watercolor paintings from the Victorian era. It must be interesting! Oh, and I'm planning to organize a personal exhibition for my graphics, most likely. That is, if I'll get somehow lucky.
If anyone knows where to get a lovely white cat, please let me know.
Have a nice evening, ruffles!
Tags: school, white cat
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