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A bit of this and that

Good day, everyone!
What has been happening in my life lately is nothing very noteworthy. But since I don't feel like doing something important right now (for instance, writing my scientific research work, sketching or drawing bits for an upcoming game), I'll just gabble about my past two or three weeks.
I already told you that my research work would be about watercolour painting in the Victorian era. I'm doing quite well with it. I've written almost half of it. I ordered a book from amazon .

^ This is the cover.
Teacher also says that I'm doing fine, so now the main thing is to finish it in time.
Ieva and I have been chosen to illustrate a new game for , which is pretty wicked. It's supposed to be a fashion themed game, something like a dress up game. There are only two bad things about it: firstly, I don't have much free time on my hands because of the diploma work and the research work. Secondly, Ieva and I have very different tastes, and styles. We don't have the same point of view; she never works with computer, I find it much easier though. Of course, I hope we'll find a way to collaborate somehow.
Oh, and I have been chosen to go to an exchange trip to England. It will last the whole February of 2011. My partner will be previously mentioned Ieva. Woohoooo~
What else? Probably a couple of things, but I'll just post a pixie of myself instead of continuing my non interesting talk.

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