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Pretty flowers

Hello, poodles!

It's been such a long time! I don't even know where to start as I'm planning this entry to be short, 'cause it's so fucking late and I have to wake up early tomorrow! Everything has been quite okay. I'm happy that my mind is rather clear, there's not much to worry about. I'm spending much time on tumblr.. that site is killer. Hm, what I have been doing.. School has started and the first week was very nice. I had a great time with my lovelies and my school is really fun. It feels like home there. It will be difficult to leave that place when the semester ends.
We've been going to Coffee Inn so often lately. I drink cafe latte almost every day! It's not very good but, well, why not. I'm sure it will go away and I'll probably return to tea drinking. Not that I've stopped it, no, I still love it and drink it every day. Also, I eat soy meat often. It's a wonderful product.
Ehh, can't wait to go to England. Only two weeks left. I hope we will go to London for a day or two.
Oh, we'll be having a school carnival on Friday! I'll probably write an entry after that. :D
Anyways, I'm starting to feel sleepy, so I'll just show you some pixies of mine.
And while you're still there,

^Went to my favorite museum yesterday. I love the history of medicine but I hate the medicine now. That's that..

^ Riga at night (which was actually an evening). Nothing special, no doubt about that.

^ My desk. Lots of little chests and other small thingies.

^ Thank god my sister has a long hair. It's fun to torture her by experimenting with braids.

^ Forest girl style is definitely the most appealing style to me at the moment.

^ Miss Dita, remember the one I made for you? :D These are the ones I made recently.

^ Here you can see Joseph's love against lamps.

^But here - my relationships with glasses.

^It's all about the atmosphere. That's me.

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