Anete (misushi) wrote,

Time flies

Hey, poodles!
I can't believe I'm here in UK already for two weeks. We are right in the middle. Still two weeks left. What can I say? I really love it here in England. I love all these small houses with beautiful doors, hills, ocean, cliffs and, of course, the lovely, kind and friendly people. We've been taught how to bind books traditionally, which is the coolest thing by now. We also made some awesome gingerbread art and now we are both working on our illustration projects. Ieva (or Eve, as everyone calls her here.. they call me Annette, by the way) is making an animation and I will have a little book with about 22 lino-cut illustrations. My book will be dedicated to the collective nouns for birds. I've cutted seven linos by now.
Anyways, I wish I knew why I chose this particular moment to write an entry, 'cause I have that phase of laziness when I want to type using only one hand. But I still want to know how are you all doing.
Happy Valentine's day, goaties!

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