Anete (misushi) wrote,

Emotions on the screen

Hey there, little cardboard robots!
I had completely forgotten about my livejournal blog, so now, when I remembered, I decided to write a tiny entry here. Last few months have been busy as hell but I had a wonderful time. It feels weird to leave JRRMV, 'cause that school was literally second home. Finished my diploma work ''Forest moments''. Here's a pixie of me presenting it.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you guys something. I feel like posting here again, so I think I should definitely change my mood icons. Well, Alichino was a beautiful manga for sure but it's just not me anymore, so.. what kind of mood icons should I make? I'm pretty much out of ideas. I was thinking, maybe I could crop some moments out of Victorian photos..? Any ideas, lovelies?
I truly hope you're not gone, people!
Tags: diploma work, last months, long time no see, mood icons

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