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Kittens, cakes and cuddles.

Hey, ruffles.
I seem to have problems with finding a white cat! It has to be male and near Riga. Why is everyone already taken? I can't wait to have my little Joseph here. I even bought some cat food! I'm lame, aren't I?
Anyways, Poppy and I have finished our hairdo challenge. Three remaining pixies will be posted on soon. ( )
School has started and I'm enjoying the time as much as I can. I've decided that my second ZPD will be about watercolor paintings from the Victorian era. It must be interesting! Oh, and I'm planning to organize a personal exhibition for my graphics, most likely. That is, if I'll get somehow lucky.
If anyone knows where to get a lovely white cat, please let me know.
Have a nice evening, ruffles!
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Nature the other day.

My father took me to Līvāni last week. I decided to stay at the empty house ''Tomiņi'' to do nothing but paint. It was a little bit creepy to be honest. My phone was almost unreachable like always, so if I needed to contact someone, I had to find a specific place. That I did, of course, so Aija, my dad's wife, came to me when it was needed. My dad stayed there for the first night. It was very nice: we ate goddamn delicious pizzas, talked a lot, dad showed me the advantages of Linux, we read some nice books and so on. When he went away, I felt quite lonely, 'cause the place seemed so abandoned. Too bad the weather was so rainy I couldn't paint the beautiful sceneries of Līvāni.
Now I have three paintings: a byre, the entrance of the main house and a windy view of fields. I also made a drawing of the beautiful barn.
I wanted to spend the second night there, too, but then I changed my thoughts 'cause I had to leave early the next morning. Anyways, I have some pixies.
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Thank you for looking, cuddles.
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I want this and that.

Hey, marbles!
I am listening to CSS right now and I feel like telling you something. Too bad I don't know what exactly. Oh, well, I had an opportunity to go on a trip to several places in Europe but I said no. Why? Firstly, I don't want to spend a week with grannies and grandpas. I must paint, sketch and visit some events, for example, Riga's birthday.
This entry is boring. So I'll make it more interesting by telling you what exactly I want right now. Five things. Still sounds boring? I'll do it with pixies!
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(no subject)

Hello again, squirrels.
I spent this afternoon reading ancient Emilie Autumn livejournal entries. I love her sarcastic kind of writing. Never bores me. And it's also very interesting to see those old pixies she has posted here. Lots of platform boots, fishnet tights and corsets. Gosh, I want her and her Crumpets here. Now. Dream on, baby, dream on.
Anyways, we're going to Skulte by bicycles this Saturday. I'll be back after four days. I just hope the weather won't be this autumny. Speaking of autumn, I can't wait. I kind of miss school and the whole Rozentāļu atmosphere.
Here's the stuff I bought this morning if you're interested:
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I want my old Panic! at the disco's and The Automatic's

Hey there, ruffles!
This is the last fun I'm getting before sorting my mp3. I've decided to put a very strict order into my music folder (also known as ''Aaaaaa manas ausis!''). I want to download some new (and old) indie music, make a new playlist for classical and composed music and so on. You know how pedantic I am, so this is going to take a while.
I also wanted to inform you that I feel very inspired to pay a bigger attention to fashion related stuff. I also have to buy myself a new wardrobe, 'cause it's almost impossible to put all of my damned clothes into that little shelfy which I have to share with my sister. But why am I so inspired? Well, to be honest, Gossip Girl takes a big role in it. I had never seen so many well-put-together clothes and accessories! So, tomorrow morning I'm going to get some goodies at Domina (big sale there).
What else.. Oh, I got my shoesies. They look like this --> (I can't insert a link.. :/) And the truth is, they look even more lovely than in the picture. And they fit perfectly!
Our Hairdo challenge is still on and, guess what, it's day 63 today! But now I must start my mp3 sorting! And, please, if you feel like writing, tell me how are you doing!
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Don't complain about the heat.

Hey, fishies! How's your summer? I'd really like to know.
As to me, it's pretty wonderful, to be honest. Every day brings something new and interesting. For example, the Positivus festival was fun. I saw bands like Scissor Sisters, Muse, Ten Bears, Leisure Society, The Climbers, Unkle, The Gin Riots, Goran Gora, ASIWYFA and many more. We slept in those cozy hammocks, danced like there was no tomorrow, ate magic nuts, drank cheap cider, swam like crazies and so on.
Today we went to school to see our exam marks. I have B in Latvian and C in Math. I think it's okay! Actually, I'm very happy about them!
If you wish to know something about my dear Percy pigeon, I can tell you. Now he has a GIRLFRIEND! I gave her a name - Zigrīda. Now they always come together and they always look lovely, just like a pair of lovebirds. Percy isn't a gentleman though.. he always eats all of the sunflower seeds I give them.

Anyway, this is going to be my DIY day. Must customize my black&white polka dotted retro swimsuit, my blueberry bike and also my flip-flops. I hope everything will turn out nice.
I bought these cute, perfumed pens today.

The other side of the cloud is dark and twisted

After some good days comes a bunch of bad days. Here we go again. The kitchen is full with smelly punks again, mother is drinking again, that place looks like a mess and here I am absolutely unhappy about every single fact that leads this flat back into ''good'' old days. At least one good thing - Mazjuris is in the hospital because of some kind of illness which is still a mystery to me.
Good thing my mother doesn't have enough brain to understand that nobody wants a drunkard nanny. Those fuckers who sit in the kitchen laughing, drinking and playing with some filthy dogs, get the fuck out of my house. Thankfully, I have the guts to go there and say that out loud.
I don't know, Martha.
Oh, and how stylish is that? One of those idiots is a Finnish girl. She seems to look alternative enough to be a beloved friend of Zaldāts, who is the biggest motherfucker I know at this moment. He usually comes here to eat or sleep. And drink, of course.
I wish I had a rich relative who could leave/buy me a wonderful flat.
And I thought this summer would be a bit different. Silly me.

EDIT: They just turned the music on. Loud music makes it worse.
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How are you, dear?

Hey there, sparkles!
Since I still have 30 minutes left until painting leaves, I decided to write something here. Everything is quite different now. Let's start with the fact that my mother doesn't drink anymore. I really hope she won't start to drink again. Secondly, she has some half-pay jobs, so I'm not the only one earning some money here, thankfully. Also, our flat now feels like home again. it's probably because of mother trying to change, 'cause now everything's clean, and I have inspiration to actually do something. Unfortunately, we still have the gigantically big 2000 Ls bill to pay but I really hope everything will turn out well.
I've ordered some new things, for example, vertically striped black&white bloomers. I can't wait to get my new bloomies here! I plan to buy a new swimsuit as well. It will be black, floral.
Okay, I don't have much time, so I'll just leave you this summer themed pixie.
grey bear

Five words/things meme

Reply to this post letting me know you want in and I will give you 5 words that make me think of you, then you need to say what these five words mean to you.
So, this is what hybrid_breeder  gave to me:

1. Black cats
Basically, black cats are love, if I need to say it in short. Of course, the perfect black cat was my dear, dear William Wilson. I really can't imagine myself having a better pet than he was. I don't know, Martha. Especially, if the cat is male, it's perfect. That kind of cats, in my opinion, are aristocratic and fancy, if you pardon the expression. I'll get myself a new cat, when I'll move out.
2. Horror movies
Yeeees, horror movies are love as well. But there is one thing - you have to have the perfect company. Which, in my case, is Kara. I hate it when horror movies are all about the scare-factor. I mean, the movie must have a very nice plot. So, I should name my favorite horror movies, right? Hmm, first that comes to mind is The House Of Wax (I really don't know why, it's not even my favorite but I quite enjoyed it). Exorcist is a nice start, for example. Actually, I like thrillers and psychic type of films more.
3. The lovely smell of eļļas krāsas & terpentīns
And the smell won't go away! Nowadays, this smell is a part of my life, since I'm attending an art school. Relatives do complain about it but whatever. But lovely it is!
4. Vegetarian food
I wish I could eat a pure vegetarian food right now. Like soy sausages or something like that.  But all in all, it is a big part of my life now, too, 'cause I eat meat or fish only when I'm either VERY hungry or I really can't resist the nice smell/look/consistence of some kind of meat dishes (but that happens very rare lately). I don't eat eggs, meat and fish to not fuck up my health (which unfortunately is already bad but it IS getting better by now).
5. Raiding second hand stores
My, my, haven't done that in a while. Brings back memories. But I still love doing that, of course! You can find some awesome treasures in second hand stores, as you know. I've already found some! Kara, when we meet up, we should raid some second hand shops (and antique shops too) again! I need new things (new to me, second hand to the world)!
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