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Snow cube

I wanted to share this photo. This is the wonderful snow cube, which lies in our school yard.

It's getting bigger and bigger.

Also, wanted to show you this painting. Nothing special, I know.

And this is me, freezing. It was about a month ago. It was so damn cold here. But now it's perfect.
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Only one word comes to mind.

If it wasn't so cold, I'd definitely go out. 'Cause it was so fucking beautiful outside. I mean, the setting sun, the blue sky and so on. Even Alvils wanted to go outside but, fuck, no, it's too freezing there. I even didn't go to the dentist's. XD
And, you know, the smoke coming out of the chimney looked so dreamy. Because of the reflection of the sunlight, the smoke looked pink. And it immediately reminded me of this painting I had painted some time ago:

Also, I had to draw a self-portrait the other day, and it had to be profile. This is the installation my working place looked like.
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Victorian photography entry nr 2

Hey, poodles. Remember the previous vintage photo entry? Well, this time I'll show you some photos from the Victorian era. The thing is, I found some quite scary photos I just wanted to share. I want to hear your thoughts!
Here goes:

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So I drew a conclusion that Victorian babies and old people are deterrent.
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For wayward Victorian girls.

I guess it's only natural, when something absolutely good happens right after an accident. Well, in this case, I finally, finally got my Emilie Autumn bundle a couple of days ago. I felt so damn happy about it that I could almost cry! I've already started to read the book - it's fucking brilliant. I'm not lying, I've never read anything that can make me so emotional.

^ Here's the content. I'm also very glad to FINALLY own an original EA CD. And what can be better than a deluxe edition, which includes two CDs?
More about the book: it's heavy as hell, goddamn beautiful and.. well, perfect!

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Idiocy as a type of insanity

Good evening, pretty bunnies.
What are you doing? How did you spend your New Year's Eve? Mine was nicely spent. We had fun all night long. I went to bed at 10 am on the 1st of January. I think, I had never had such a great New Year's Eve like this one.
And here's something I bring with myself. Very interesting and kind of terrifying as well.
Please, read them. If you're into Victorian history..

Here come the pixies


This time I'll start with this.

When the snow wasn't here yet.. when it still was warm and wet.. on a cloudy day.. EVERYTHING LOOKED YELLOW. Seriously, I looked at the window and a yellow light came in through the window. It was so weird.

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Should I update? Gosh, I haven't done that for ages. Probably, 'cause I have too much to say. Thankfully, I finally have some free time but it's still impossible to do things I HAVE to. For example, Christmas gifts.
I listened to Emilie Autumn's ''The Opheliac Companion'' yesterday. It was almost three hours long but, still, entertaining and interesting. I also ordered Emilie's book ''The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls''.

Should I show you some pictures? I don't have anything interesting to show you, to be honest. I can show you the video though:

EDIT: Ok, since LJ is being a bitch again I'll have to split this stupid entry.